Improving the search system to combat the growing phenomenon of Missing People in Europe

Child disappearances on the rise in Europe

The number of missing children and adults per year in Europe is alarming, and a significant percentage of them remain unfound. Inadequate competencies and training programs for missing persons in EU countries along with insufficient investigation procedures have created an urgent need for improvement. The EU Parliament and Council have suggested collaboration and information sharing among relevant parties to combat this issue.


LOST2 is a continuation of LOST, a project that tackled the problem of missing people in Europe by giving targeted training and technical assistance to professionals handling such cases. LOST recognized the requirement for a global/European missing persons system and the absence of an unambiguous professional qualification framework.

The LOST2 project intends to


Professional Recognition

Entails a Dictionary of Competences that is built upon a competence model that aligns with the European Qualification Framework. To access it, click on the link provided. Furthermore, it involves preparatory documentation for qualification that covers definitions of social and legal contexts, as well as an analysis of best practices. 


Module to raise awareness about missing persons for teachers, NGOs, local authorities, vulnerable young people and families. Online platform where beneficiaries and stakeholders can connect and interact. Access Here.

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