Definition of competences at EU level for the recognition of the qualifications

Let’s work together to improve investigation processes, raise awareness, and offer training to help bring missing children and adults home

Child disappearances increasing in Europe

In Europe, an alarming number of children and adults go missing every year, with a significant percentage never found. The lack of specific competencies and training programmes for missing persons in all EU countries, coupled with poor investigation processes, has led to a pressing need for improvement. The EU Parliament and Council have recommended cooperation and information exchange between relevant parties to address the issue…


LOST2 project is a development of a previous project called LOST, which aimed to address the issue of missing people in Europe by providing specific training and technical support to professionals working on such cases. The LOST project identified the need for an international/European system for the research of missing people and the lack of a clear qualification framework for professionals working in this area.

LOST2 project aims to:

a module for raising awareness of missing persons, aimed at teachers, NGOs, local authorities, families, and young people at risk
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