A comic strip to help children understand the drama of disappearance

Nearly thirty children under 18 years old disappear in Italy every day. The majority are foreigners, the most difficult to trace compared to Italians, most of who enter in the country illegally and are placed in the protection circuit from which they often leave and lose track.
The Association Penelope Italia has launched the comic strip “Alarm at the park “, drawn by Emanuela Pedri (Sara’s sister, who disappeared in Trentino almost two years ago), with which she wants to explain to children what to do in the event of the disappearance of a family member, or a friend.
The aim is to take this comic strip to schools to explain to children such a delicate subject and the emotions that one experiences when experiencing the drama of a disappearance, from worry, to despair, to anxiously waiting for news, to the happiness of finding a loved one.
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