what is LOST2 about?

LOST2 is a project that aims to address the increasing problem of missing people, particularly young people, in Europe. Around 200,000 children are reported missing, but only 33% of them are found.

LOST2 intends to create a unified European system for researching and finding missing people and minors by creating a standard professional profile for “Experts in the Research of Missing People & Minors.”.

The project also aims to establish a standardized level of training that will be recognized in all EU countries.

LOST2 aims to promote social inclusion, particularly among young people, and address the growing issue of missing persons and children in Europe. With 200,000 children being reported missing and only 33% being found, LOST2 recognizes the need to establish a comprehensive European system of research. This involves defining a core professional profile for “Experts in the research of Missing people & and minors” and implementing a high-level training program that would be recognized across the EU.

LOST2 aspires

  • The LOST project aims to give visibility and transparency to the professional profile of a Consultant in Information Analysis and Research of Missing Persons, both nationally and at the EU level.
  • This goal is to be achieved by recognizing shared training standards and competencies obtained in formal, informal, and non-formal settings.
  • The project seeks to analyze, share, enrich and define the proposed qualification, ultimately preparing consistent documentation in line with European standards for professions and qualifications.
  • This will enable national and local authorities to verify, validate, and recognize related learning in line with the qualification’s standards.
  • The project is also laying the groundwork for future equivalence of the qualification in Europe by following the standards outlined in recent European guidelines.
  • Finally, the project aims to expand employment opportunities for these professionals by guaranteeing the usability and transferability of the qualification to all EU countries.

LOST2 is aimed at