Alarming Rise in Missing Children Cases Across Europe, New Report Shows

The LOST2 Erasmus+ KA2 project, dedicated to improving search systems for missing persons in Europe, recently shared concerning findings from the Missing Children Europe Annual Report FIGURES AND TRENDS 2022. This comprehensive report, compiled from data across 21 countries, highlights the alarming increase in child abduction cases and runaways throughout the continent.

One of the key revelations from the report is the overwhelming number of calls received by Missing Children Europe’s hotline service, with a staggering 75% coming from worried individuals seeking assistance. This statistic underscores the urgency and widespread impact of the missing children crisis, serving as a wake-up call for all European nations to take action.

The report’s findings are a stark reminder of the critical need for a unified and standardized approach to searching for missing persons, especially minors, across the European Union. Recognizing this need, the LOST2 Erasmus+ KA2 project aims to create a comprehensive European system for researching and finding missing people and minors.

A central objective of the LOST2 project is to establish a standardized professional profile for “Experts in the Research of Missing People & Minors,” ensuring a consistent level of training and expertise recognized across all EU countries. By fostering collaboration and harmonizing efforts, the project seeks to enhance the effectiveness of search and recovery operations, ultimately reuniting more missing individuals with their loved ones.

As the LOST2 project progresses, it continues to follow closely the work of organizations like Missing Children Europe, in order for the partnership to be updated in its combat of the growing phenomenon of missing persons in Europe.

To learn more about the alarming findings from the Missing Children Europe Annual Report FIGURES AND TRENDS 2022 and to download the full report, please view and/or download the report here