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ARLAB Agenzia Regionale LAB


The Regional Agency for Work and Learning in Basilicata (LAB) was established in 2016 by the Basilicata Region. LAB is responsible for implementing policies related to training, education, and work orientation, as well as providing identification, validation, and certification of skills services. It also conducts analysis and monitoring of regional policies and manages employment and active employment policies. LAB operates within the integrated regional system for lifelong learning and is subject to the supervision and control of the region. The agency manages employment centers and supervises active labor policies in the region, in accordance with national regulations. The employment centers serve as access points for regional and national employment services for citizens and businesses.



p-consulting.gr is an innovative consulting company based in Patras, Greece, that offers a range of services including consulting, research, training, project management, and custom application engineering & web development. The company operates throughout Greece and Europe and is an active member of EfVET. p-consulting.gr has experience in planning, organizing, and implementing national and European programs and has been involved in several Erasmus+ projects. The company collaborates with public and private organizations, including educational institutions, municipalities, NGOs, and health organizations, to deliver high-quality consulting services and training programs. The staff of p-consulting.gr has a wealth of experience in national and European projects.



The Union of Italian Workers Unitary Police (SIULP) is a well-established organization that represents the staff of the State Police in Italy. With its extensive network of regional and provincial offices, SIULP is committed to protecting the rights and interests of its members. The national office, located in Rome, is home to the General Secretary and five national secretaries, who oversee the organization’s operations. SIULP is a strong advocate for the rights of workers, and is deeply committed to promoting social justice and equality for all. Alongside its core mission, SIULP also supports a range of projects relating to public safety, immigration, youth empowerment, and other important social issues.



OMNIS is a cooperative society founded in 2008 with the objective of fostering exchange and dialogue among individuals from different ethnic backgrounds in Umbria. However, in 2010, OMNIS underwent a change in leadership and shifted its focus solely to vocational training. As part of this transition, OMNIS became an accredited training institution in the Umbria Region in October of that year and began developing European training courses. Additionally, it secured accreditation from various interprofessional funds to offer continuing education opportunities. OMNIS aims to provide ongoing professional guidance to companies, entrepreneurs, and workers, with a focus on skills development and enhancement of professional resources in businesses. The organization is committed to fostering innovation in vocational training policies, aligning with regional, national, and European economic development strategies, and creating partnerships among training organizations, educational institutions, and the labor market.

Asociacion sosdesaparecidos


Sosdesaparecidos is a non-profit association that was established in Caravaca de la Cruz – Murcia in 2010, but has been active since 2007. Its primary mission is to collaborate in disseminating information on missing persons of any age, whose families do not know what has happened or where they may be located. The organization primarily focuses on alerts and the dissemination of such alerts for missing persons. Sosdesaparecidos works with 35 other associations to rescue, research, and disseminate alerts for missing persons. The association’s key activities include offering information and support to families looking for missing individuals, particularly when there is no express communication of their whereabouts. They also work to direct requests for help with disappearances to the appropriate channels, such as public and private institutions. Sosdesaparecidos fosters citizen solidarity through the dissemination of alerts at a national and international level via various means of publicity to help find missing persons. The organization also manages missing persons databases and encourages collaboration with search and rescue units while implementing disappearance protocols. They also promote institutional and legislative initiatives to better serve the purposes of solidarity and locate missing individuals.

European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education & Training


EfVET is a European professional association established in 1991 to create a network of VET practitioners in Europe. It currently represents 246 associations in 35 countries, with approximately 200,000 VET professionals and 2,000,000 learners. EfVET focuses on four main areas of work: representation at European level to influence policies and decisions affecting VET systems in Europe; promoting networking opportunities among members to provide access to information, resources and tools; acting as a key dissemination partner in projects and initiatives carried out by members and EfVET; and organizing an annual conference and thematic teams, which brings together over 250 participants from all over Europe and features high-level speakers. Additionally, EfVET has signed the EU Pact for Skills in 2021, is a member of the European Alliance for Apprenticeships since 2016 and is part of several working groups set by the European Commission and other key EU institutions, focused on relevant policies and strategies for VET sector.

The Smile of the Child


“The Smile of the Child” is a non-profit organization in Greece that works towards child protection and support of children and families in need, as well as providing free public health services for children. Founded in 1996 by Costas Yannopoulos, inspired by the wish of his son Andreas Yannopoulos, who passed away due to brain cancer, the organization has made a difference for more than 1.8 million children and their families in Greece over 25 years of operation. It has approximately 3,754 active volunteers and 467 specialized personnel, and is funded through donations from sponsors and the general public in Greece. The Smile has four main objectives and main target groups: children in poverty or threatened by poverty, missing children, children with serious health problems, and children who are victims of any form of violence. It operates services all across Greece, coordinated by Centers for Direct Social Intervention (CDSIs) to ensure regional implementation of all services. It has the capacity to mobilize infrastructure and actions across the country to provide holistic support to children and families in need. Finally it is certified by the Hellenic Ministry of Labor for the provision of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd levels of social care services.



EUROMASC is a consultancy with over 25 years of experience in vocational education and training (VET) and specializes in implementing learning outcome-based instruments for qualification definition and description. They support recognition of prior learning (RPL), career guidance, and certification with their Skillsbank platform, which facilitates transparency and lifelong learning. They work with transnational instruments like EQF, ECVET, ESCO, and Europass and have cooperated with the European Commission’s ECVET-Team. They have over 100 international partners and develop special projects and ECVET-oriented activities with OsloMet University and other partners in transnational projects. Their research and development initiatives inform their future learning outcome-oriented projects.

Associação Portuguesa de Crianças Desaparecidas


APCD is a non-profit organization based in Portugal that provides psychological and legal support to missing children and their families, as well as children in vulnerable situations. Founded in 2007, the organization works to locate missing children through the dissemination of information, in close collaboration with the authorities responsible for criminal investigation. The APCDV also provides awareness-raising activities and prevention techniques to prevent disappearance situations. The organization also supports family reintegration after the child’s return, participates in social support networks, collaborates in studies and investigations, and works with the media to disseminate information and prevent child disappearance. Additionally, APCD cooperates with leading technology companies to develop new solutions to protect children from abduction, sexual abuse, and exploitation.