By finishing the course you can build the following capacities

The Professional Consultant in “Analysis-information & research missing people (A.I.R.M.P) and the normative framework of reference

You will be able to identify the professional competencies of the Consultant in Analysis-information & research of missing people (A.I.R.M.P) (for each partner country)

The disappearance: nature of the event, collection of the first information and approach to the case

You will be able to collect and gather useful information from the forms/questionnaires in use by the Institutions

Assistance to the family and identification of the reference relational context

  • To be able to provide assistance to the families and managing the personal relationships of the missing people

  • To be able to carry out the investigation in the framework of the personal relationships of the Missing People

Planning of the research activities; Management of the acquisition and selection of information

  • To be able to plan the activities connected with the research and the finding of the person

Research strategy in urban, suburban and judicial contexts also with the use of advanced technology tools

  • To be able to use the modern technological tools and systems to solve the missing cases

Examination of investigative and judicial activities

  • To be able to carry out the analysis of all available data

Information organization and classification of the disappearances

  • To be able to carry out field survey

  • To be able to assign a classification to the disappearance

Management of the relations with the authorities and reporting carried out activities.

  • To be able to manage the relationships with the enforcement law and judicial authorities

  • To be able to draft reports respecting the phases of the research