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Module 0: Preventing and mitigating abduction


Module 0 is for anyone interested in getting the basic for preventing and mitigating abduction. The module is divided in two, one for children and one for families. The modules consist of a video and a quiz each.

The section for children is supposed to give them an overview of the most common dangers related to abduction, and how one can prevent them. The video is based on material created by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and some of their video material is included.

The section for the families is supposed to give an overview of what one should do in case of a disappearance or suspected disappearance. The video contains important information, suggestions and tips to help families get through the difficult time.

Learning Outcomes

  • Knowledge: Knows the basic rules to be safe from strangers
  • Knowledge: Knows the basic steps to take when a person is suspected of disappearance
  • Skills: Acts according to the four rules of safety
  • Skills: Acts according to the best practices when a person is suspected of disappearance


Approx. 1 hour


No requirements